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How Should You Choose An Authentic Hand Sanitizer Supplier?

Posted by Admin on August, 24, 2021

Hand sanitiser is a unique daily usage product that can maintain health hygiene without affecting the environment. Organic sanitizer consists of organic cleaning agents such as lemon, aloe vera, and basil. Apart from these ingredients, alcohol is an essential element of the sanitizer. Authentic sanitizer suppliers always use good quality alcohol that is perfect for maintaining hand pH balance.

What is a Sanitizer?
Sanitizer or hand antiseptic is a liquid or gel used to kill bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses. In many cases, hand washing soap and water is used as hand sanitiser. The quality of the hand sanitiser depends on the alcohol concentration. If the alcohol concentration is high in a sanitizer, it becomes dry easily in your hand. Ethanol and isopropyl are the common alcohol used in sanitizer.

Process of Using Sanitizer

As per the world health organisation or WHO guideline, one should use the sanitizer in the following ways-

1. Apply the sanitizer directly to the palm
2. Rub your hands
3. Rub the sanitizer over the surfaces of hands and fingers till the hands become dry
4. But the most important thing to remember, do not go near the gas oven or flames during the application of the sanitizer.

Different Types of Sanitizer

Sanitizer can be classified into two categories such as alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Hand sanitizer suppliers in Haryana supplies both these types of sanitizer.

1. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains 60% to 95% alcohol that is ethanol or isopropanol. On this hand, sanitizer, alcohol neutralises microorganisms.

2. Alcohol-free sanitizer mainly works as disinfectants agents. The working process of these agents is persistent and immediate.

3. Many sanitizers contain glycerine that is useful for mild fragrance and skin smoothing.

Benefits of Using Sanitizer

The significant benefits of using sanitizer are as follows-

1. A sanitizer is an instant cleaning agent that doesn't require soap or water for cleaning the hand.
2. Waterless sanitizer requires less time for washing the hands
3. Sanitizer can quickly kill microorganisms on hands
4. Reduce the bacteria present on hands
5. Create less irritation to the skin
6. Some sanitizer improve the skin condition
7. Sanitizer can protect humans from various types of virus infections

Side Effects of Sanitizer

Sanitizer can kill germs and bacteria, but it has few significant problems such as follows-

1. Alcohol works as an antiseptic that can cause skin dryness and irritation if you do not use good quality sanitizer.
2. Sanitizer may dry out the skin and develop the symptoms of eczema.
3. Sanitizer contains triclosan that can cause hormonal imbalance and infertility. Thus it is necessary to use the exact quantity of sanitiser.
4. If anyone swallows sanitizer, it can cause death in many cases. Thus don't consume santizer.
5. keep the sanitizer away from the children

Hand sanitizer supplier in Faridabad provides good quality sanitiser that doesnot harm your skin or health. Because in the market you can find various types of hand sanitizer that claim to provide 70% of alcohol, but the alcohol quality may be harmful to your health. Thus, choose the best quality hand sanitizer.

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